"Being trans is fashion - and the biggest provocation"

Many Sexes? That is nonsense!

Why there are only two sexes - albeit a wide cultural and hormonal range within the biological sexes. A conversation with biologist and Nobel laureate Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard about trans ideology, its naive accomplices, and why she thinks the planned self-determination law is "insane”.

"Reporterpreis" in Berlin to Ronan Farrow

Alice Schwarzer in her laudation for the unveiler of the Weinstein-case: „I don't know of nobody else in the world to whom I would rather present this award today!“ In front of 450 journalistis Farrow thanked for the price and encouraged his collegues, not to be intimidated and fight for the truth.

Germanys most famous women's rights activist

She has spent her life fighting for women's equal rights, writing and publishing the magazine EMMA A look at the life of Alice Schwarzer. (Deutsche Welle). Germany's best known — and most controversial — feminist, as she turns 75.

The perpetrators were islamists!

Die Deutsche Welle sendet weltweit und war im Gespräch mit Schwarzer besonders interessiert an den politischen Gründen für das (Ver)Schweigen. Und warum tut man sich gerade in Deutschland so schwer, die Schuldigen zu benennen? Das hat, meint Schwarzer, mit der deutschen Geschichte zu tun.

NYT: Sexueller Terrorismus gegen Frauen!

"A new dimension - Cologne attacks: This is sexual terrorism directed towards women” So titelt die New York Times ihren Artikel über die Horror-Nacht in Köln - und sprach mit Alice Schwarzer darüber, wie es dazu kommen konnte.

Feminist Europe, Book Review: The Women's Media Tower

'Wiever alaaf!' [Women to the Fore]. "Wer den Turm hat, hat die Macht." [She Who Has the Tower Has the Power].1 When Alice Schwarzer, Germany's most renowned feminist and editor of the women's Journal EMMA exclaimed „Wiever alaaf!"2 (Women to the Fore), she celebrated the fact that in 1994 the the FrauenMediaTurm (FMT)

Biografical note Mme Tussaud - english

Alice Schwarzer - journalist, writer, feminist activist - was born on December 3rd, 1942 in Wuppertal (Germany). A journalist, essay writer and active feminist, she has been a key leader in the women’s rights movement in Germany since the 1970’s. 83% of all Germans know her as a tireless campaigner.

English Biography: Who is Alice Schwarzer?

The publishing house of Alice Schwarzer, Kiepenheuer & Witsch, wrote the following text in the year 2000 on the occasion of publishing "Der große Unterschied".

Feminist Europe, Preface: Who Is Alice Schwarzer?

Reviews and reviewers are sought. The name Alice Schwarzer has become synonymous with feminism in Germany's mainstream media—that is, with feminism as it is popularly defined and, often enough, misunderstood. She needs no introduction to those of us who followed her career from the abortion rights rallies of the


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