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Many Sexes? That is nonsense!

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Prof. Nüsslein-Volhard, the Queer Representative of the Federal Government, Sven Lehmann, claims: To be of the opinion that there are two sexes is unscientific. There are many sexes.
That is unscientific! Perhaps Mr. Lehmann missed his basic biology course.


Then let's make up for it here.
Oh dear. All right: With all mammals there are two sexes, and the human being is a mammal. There's the one sex that produces the eggs, has two X chromosomes. That is called female. And there's the other one that produces the sperm, has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. That's called male. And when an egg unites with a sperm, a new being is created.

People always like to attach examples from the animal world to prove the existence of many sexes. So what about snails, for example?
They are hermaphrodites. They have both: sperm and egg cells. So they can fertilize themselves. However, they usually mate with another snail. This is because when they mate with themselves, the offspring are absolutely identical in heredity. But when two different organisms mix their genetic material, you have a greater range of variation and thus the offspring are usually more viable. That is why this principle has prevailed in nature. However, the fact that there are hermaphrodites does not change the fact that there are these two germ cells, eggs and sperm, and therefore two sexes.

However, the Federal Constitutional Court decided in 2017 that there should be the third gender entry "diverse" for intersexual people in addition to "female" and "male". Intersexuality arises from very rare deviations, for example in the chromosome set. But also intersexual people have the characteristics of both sexes, they are not a third sex.

But there is a wide range within one biological sex.
Of course. There are very "feminine" men and very "masculine" women, which has to do not only with cultural factors, but also with different hormone levels, among other things. There's a huge spectrum. That is what is so exciting.

However, the current politically correct term is not that a biological man "feels like a woman" and that society and legislators should give him the opportunity to live in his desired gender. But rather: This person is not a man at all, he actually is a woman.
That is nonsense! It is wishful thinking. There are people who want to change their sex, but they cannot. They remain XY or XX. The crucial thing is that the fact whether one has a Y-chromosome already affects the development of the embryo during pregnancy and of course also in the adolescent. Boys therefore have different sex characteristics than girls and this cannot be reversed. People retain their sex for life. Of course, it is possible through hormone administration that, for example, a girl who takes testosterone gets a deep voice and beard growth. But from this the girl will not grow testicles and will not produce sperm. And biological males also do not produce eggs and cannot bear children due to hormone doses. The problem with this arises when it comes to irreversible interventions. With the surgeries anyway. But also with the hormones you add something to the body that is not intended there. Hormones cause a great deal in the body - on a wide variety of levels, both physically and psychologically. To dose that properly and to take it all the time, I think is extraordinarily daring. The body can't handle it well in the long run. Every hormone you take has side effects. Taking hormones is dangerous in principle.

In the future, young people over the age of 14 will be able to determine their own sex.
That's madness! At 14, a lot of girls are unhappy during puberty. I know this myself. I was also unhappy at 14 and preferred to be a boy. I wasn't even allowed to put on pants or cut my hair back then. I often cursed myself and thought: I'd rather be a man! Because if you want to do a job like that, where men dominate, then of course you're better off being one. But then you have to find a way to assert yourself. That's what girls need to be advised and supported in.

Do you think it is right that the legislator allows people to have a so-called sex change?
The legislator cannot enable sex reassignment. It only says: From now on, this woman can claim that she is a man. And vice versa. The biological basis cannot be changed at all. And if a man now claims that he is a woman and goes to a sports club to play with the women there, then that is a problem. Because of his male hormones, this person is stronger and runs faster. It's basically like doping. And if you're not even allowed to say that - you can't do that.

The Federal Constitutional Court has made several judgments on transsexuality or intersexuality, which deal with the concept of sex/gender. The 2017 ruling says: "In the medical and psychosocial sciences, there is widespread agreement that sex cannot be determined or even established solely according to genetic-anatomical-chromosomal characteristics, but is co-determined by social and psychological factors." What does the biologist and Nobel laureate have to say about that?
That's nonsense. How one feels can be changed by social and psychological circumstances. But not biological sex. This is completely undisputed where science is really done.

After all, this formulation comes from the German Medical Association.
It, too, seems to be confused about something: the distinction between sex and gender. Of course, with gender, the social sex, there is a range, while with biological sex there is only female or male. Out. End. Of course, a girl can wish to be called by a boy's name. That already happened with "George" in the "Five Friends".

When biology doctoral student Marie-Luise Vollbrecht wanted to give a lecture on bisexuality at the Humboldt University during the "Night of the Sciences," there were protests. The university canceled the lecture.
Do they now want to abolish biology classes as well? Do we no longer want to know who we are and how sex is determined? Should no one learn that anymore because it's bad? I do remember, however, that as early as the late 1980s there were smear campaigns against the researcher who discovered the sex-determining gene on the Y chromosome. Apparently, he was accused of doing something terrible to humanity just because he had discovered the gene that stimulates testosterone production. That was completely crazy, I was horrified! But there you can see that people have no idea about biology. The lack of education in this field is quite bad.

Have you experienced this kind of hostility to facts and science yourself?
Of course. Just doing research on embryos makes you a villain, because everyone immediately insinuates that you have nothing else in mind but manipulating embryos. All I had to do was open my mouth and say that I was doing research on embryos - even if they were only fly embryos - and I was attacked! Unfortunately, the hostility towards science in Germany is particularly pronounced. It may have improved a little through Corona. Many people saw that science should be listened to. And that it can be unfavorable to claim that the virus doesn't even exist, just because you don't want it to.

In the meantime, we have reached a new point. Now it's no longer: What kind of science are we allowed to do? But rather: Magical thinking trumps scientific knowledge.
In principle, it is not possible to ban a lecture because one is of the opinion that there might be something wrong with it. In this case, however, the doctoral student wanted to explain something that is in every textbook. This mixture of sensitivities and moral arrogance coupled with ignorance is simply fatal.

The denial of biological facts goes surprisingly far. Recently, the trans activist scene demanded that female genital mutilation should no longer be called that. Reason: The vulva is not per se a female body part.
Of course the vulva is a female sexual organ! Do we have to take these people seriously?

That transsexuals should not be discriminated is quite clear. If people are treated badly, that is bad. But they can't impose their ideas on all people as facts.

The interview was conducted by Chantal Louis. - Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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Alice Schwarzer and Chantal Louis (eds.): "Transsexuality" (KiWi), the book on the debate.


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